Oom Yung Doe

8 Complete Martial Arts Taught as One


Adult Programs

  • Prices range from: $8000 Whole body conditioning program, $175 monthly membership (most common), $20 drop-in class
  • Learn 8 complete martial arts
  • Develop skill and ability that directly improves longevity
  • Learn and absorb quick and effective self-defense techniques
  • Quickly gain confidence that leads to better decision making
  • Improve quality of life and self understanding through meditation practices
  • Greater levels of energy day to day
  • Discounts for high school and college students

Seniors Program

  • Prices range: $150 unlimited membership, $100 Seniors membership (2 classes a week)
  • Focuses more on internal development and low impact movement
  • Suitable for those with arthritis, back issues, and knee and hip replacements.
  • Cultivate a calm and focused mind
  • Improved daily energy and quality of life
  • A supportive and caring community 

Youth Programs

  • Prices range: $90 (Kids ages 4-5) $120 (Kids ages 6-10), $150 (Juniors ages 11-16)
  • Build coordination, strength, and flexibility
  • Team building and leadership skills
  • Increase self-respect and, in turn, respect for others
  • Gain skills and self-defense that build confidence
  • Develop determination  resulting in improved academics
  • Enhance self-understanding, which improves character

Lesson Schedule


Oom Yung Doe is 8 complete martial arts taught as one.  Oom, means “Mind”. Yung, means “Body”. Doe, means “Way” or “Harmony”.  So, Oom Yung Doe is a way to achieve harmony of the Mind and Body through 8 complete martial arts training. The 8 compete martial arts are:  Aikido/Hapkido, Udo/Jujitsu, Kong Su/Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi Chung, Goong Bu/Kung Fu, Kom Do/Samurai, Bagua Chung, Ship Pal Gae (18 weapons).

In 1972, Grandmaster “Iron” Kim founded the Oom Yung Doe schools in the United States.  As an 8th generation Grandmaster, he is renowned as an icon of Traditional Martial Arts (Traditional Moo Doe).  Throughout the centuries very few individuals have ever achieved the incredible level of skill and ability that Grandmaster achieved.


Grandmaster “Iron” Kim began his martial arts training at the age of seven. To achieve perfection of higher martial arts movements, Grandmaster “Iron” Kim many times chose the solitude of the mountain and ocean areas of Asia to practice the forms and techniques that he learned. Although he learned from many qualified teachers, a majority of the knowledge that Grandmaster “Iron” Kim possesses was passed down through Wang Po, the 7th generation Grandmaster of Yin Yang Doe.


In 1956, Grandmaster “Iron” Kim won in the All Asia Championship that was sponsored by Wang Po and was held in the Cho Leung area of Pusan. The Chinese title of Chung Moon Jik or “champion” was bestowed upon Grandmaster “Iron” Kim.  However, demonstration of his skill in competitions did not end his quest.


In the early 1960’s, Grandmaster “Iron” Kim expanded his search for knowledge. He traveled and sought masters who had reached a higher level of Moo Doe knowledge. There were seven top practitioners from an elite group of about twenty masters throughout East Asia with whom Grandmaster “Iron” Kim exchanged individual skills in the martial arts. Grandmaster “Iron” Kim’s purpose was to build his own wisdom, knowledge and understanding in the Moo Doe traditions of the eight main styles. Regardless of how far he had to travel or the difficulty of training, Grandmaster “Iron” Kim relentlessly pursued, learned and absorbed the complete knowledge of form and movement from these top practitioners. After completing the training, Grandmaster “Iron” Kim then shared his knowledge of the Oom Yung Style with the top members from this group.  He was one of several Moo Doe practitioners responsible for uniting all Moo Doe and capable of teaching eight martial arts together as one style or “All Martial Arts United”. Finally, after seven years his wish that the Oom Yung line could become “All Martial Arts United” became a reality.

Focusing on one martial art is only partial development. No different than if you wanted to strengthen your right arm but not your left. Practicing 8 arts together gives you the strongest and most balanced development.

2-3 days a week for 1 to 1.5 hours is a good schedule to start with.

This is part of the training, developing more coordination, after a week or two you will be surprised how much better you feel.

The main goal of an Oom Yung Doe student is to reach their fullest potential mentally and physically. The conditioning you receive in the school will no doubt improve your combat skills. Full contact sparring can result in many injuries that are detrimental to the goal of self-development.

No. Through your training, swimming, running, biking etc. is enhanced and enjoyed more if that is something you like to do. If there is a development you are looking for through different forms of exercise, ask an instructor how various parts of your training relate to developing the body in that manner. 

Good nutrition, a well-balanced diet, is always important. The internal strength developed quickly through your practice enables the body to expel toxins that are deeply set in the digestive tracts, muscles, joints, connective tissue etc. No matter what you eat, the most important aspect for your health is to expel the toxins the body creates in the digestive process.

School Location

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